Services for Professionals

Why hire Curran Career Consulting?

If you want to find work you love, Curran Career Consulting can help you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new grad, someone who’s re-entering the workforce, a baby-boomer who hates her job, or a mid-career professional looking for a promotion, Curran Career Consulting can better position you for success.

Who will I be working with?

You will be working directly with Sheila J. Curran, a nationally recognized career coach and consultant. Sheila is coauthor of Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads: Finding a Path to a Perfect Career, and former columnist at Business Week. With over 25 years experience in recruiting, human resources and career management, Sheila has assisted in the hiring of thousands of candidates. She has also advised and coached individuals at all stages of their careers. Prior to starting Curran Career Consulting in 2008, Sheila spent 12 years as career director of the Duke University and Brown University career centers.

What kind of work do you do?

Curran Career Consulting, through its principal Sheila Curran, works with individuals to design and implement effective career strategies. Sheila’s approach and services vary according to client needs. Typical assignments include developing application materials (resumes and cover letters) and designing a career action and personal branding plan. Many clients also request personalized help with networking, interviewing and career research. Coaching and career transition services are also available.

Is the client typically an individual?

Individuals who want or need a new position frequently initiate contact. However, Curran Career Consulting also contracts with organizations to provide transition consulting services (outplacement), and with parents who wish to enhance their sons and daughters opportunities for career success.

How do I know if you’re the right consultant for me?

Contact Sheila Curran at 919-599-6207 or for a complimentary consultation about your needs and to discuss the fee structure.

Do you guarantee a new job that I love?

Success in finding work you love depends on multiple factors, including career aspirations, background, and attitude—not to mention the economy—so we can only guarantee that you will be better positioned for success than before you started working with us. Numerous references and testimonials can be found at Linked In